Jabba the Hutt is back and more pissed off than ever. Here you'll find nothing but the most hardcore rants possible by an angry masked wrestling fan.

Since his feud with Wrestlingjesus over The Rock, he has struggled to maintain a single channel but through all the closed channels and all the drama, he has proven to be one of WJ's toughest foes, even assembling his own army to go to war with him.

There are very few people who can go on 5-hour long rants and still leave you wanting more. GMW only makes videos when he needs to and you're always guarenteed to get a passionate rant every time. Whether he's dissing WWE's terrible booking or attacking the IWC itself and defending John Cena against every single argument he can, when he goes off you have no choice but to listen.

He's drawn several comparisons to TheBradRules for his ranting mannerisms and Boston accent. Here is a frustrated, now former wrestling fan who has been sick and fed up with the WWE and going on long, passionate rants about the company until he just couldn't take it anymore and finally quit on the company.

The man behind the "Ain't this some BULLSHIT" series, bringing you some of the most hilariously honest and always entertaining rants and raves on professional wrestling, celebrities, major social issues, and anything else he declares is "SOOOOOME BUULLL SHIIIIIIT!!!"

Whether it's through his passionate WWE rants or his crazy antics, no one knows how to draw a reaction quite like Sean. His rants, as unpopular as they may be, come either straight from the heart or straight from his creative imagination. It doesn't take much for him to get under the skin of the YWC, which is what makes him the perfect heel of the community.

TheBradRules http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T8BaZGarVyE

Alrighty...  it's the man who practically invented ranting in the YWC and even took it so far as to do an entire 48 hour Burial Marathon at one point. Whether it's ranting on the state of the company, the wrestlers that piss him off, religion, celebrities, or just trolling for a reaction, he has perfected the art of rant and remains one of the biggest inspirations to other up-and-coming ranters.

You're lucky to see him once or twice a month but his rants and raves on the WWE are always worth the wait.