The team of Mr.Charisma06 and (the one, the only) The Pick. Many would describe their style of videos as a younger American version of The British Fist, who ironically awarded AGSWWE as their personal Tag Team of the Year 2012. This brash tag team covers weekly WWE programming, laying out plenty of hilariously truthful rants, as well as delivering informative retro reviews of past PPV's including entire series reviews for events such as Wrestlemania.

British Fist (wwedaniel01)
The team of Mr.Parkin and NJ. A veteran team that has been making an impact since 2011. They are currently the most subscribed to tag team in the YWC and for good reason. Mr.Parkins business mind combined with NJ's antics always make for a great combination. Their channel covers all wrestling discussions from WWE, NXT, TNA, to hot debates that plague the wrestling community. Since the Summer however, Mr.Parkin has quit his weekly reviews leaving NJ to do all but their weekly Q&A's on his own.

With a near all-star team of names such as Muggerbabby, BostonFan, 420goonie, Nate, Yankeezfan, and the British Fist it's a shame they've made no more than 10 uploads this year.

The online tag team and real life partners of Kronicz and Kristol. The first YWC channel to be publicly acknowledged by WWE on Youtube. They continue to rock the YWC like rockstars with their high level energy and passionate love for wrasslin. With the chemistry these two have together, you'll get hilarious back-and-forth banters, rants, and dicussions on all things WWE... and a little TNA too. 

A podcast show ran by a team of witty individuals who know how to have fun with the show. Here you'll get in-depth discussions and predictions on every match and segment of a PPV or WWE event, as well as dicussions on juicy rumors and topics.

When it comes to WWE Raw, Main Event, Smackdown, TNA Impact Wrestling, ROH Wrestling, SHINE & SHIMMER Women's Wrestling, MMA, Pay-Per-Views, entertainment and beyond no one has you covered like we do! Join your host Lee Sanders as he covers the latest headlines & beyond all while keeping it informative, honest and interactive!

The team of Justin and Jake. The duo has been featured not just once but twice this year on WWE TV through Tout. Reviewing/Commenting on all things WWE. PPV's, and weekly Raw, Smackdown reviews.

The latest and greatest WrestlingGuru group channel featuring some of the best, youngest, up-and-comers of the community. Here you'll get as much wrestling and news talk as you could possibly hope for from some of the brightest members in the community. If this is what the future of the YWC holds, then the future looks good.

YWC Killers/SupremeRegime
The heel group of internet flaggers and hackers led by Danielson during his feud against Wrestlingjesus and TheBradRules. The group is responsible for taking down several of WJ's and other channels and nearly taking down TheBradRules original account.